What is Ashtakavarga?

Ashtakavarga is another method where we can find the balance sheet of our previous birth’s karma in our current birth. It is the easiest and the most technical method in Vedic Astrology.

This method is also based on Point-system similar to Sarvashtak Varga and has some common features shared between them.

Detailed Understanding of the Ashtakavarga Concept

This is a unique method of dividing the 12 Moon Signs into Eight Sub-Categories on the basis of the influence of their ascendant and the other Seven Main Planets namely Sun, Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, and Mercury and their placement in the 12 moon signs. Rahu and Ketu are not considered in Ashtakavarga. On the basis of these seven planets individually in the Kundali or Horoscope and the ascendant, the contribution of each planet individually is decided for their positive and negative impact on the 12 moon signs. These impacts are generally known as ‘Bindu’ or ‘Dots’ and ‘Rekha’ which symbolize the positive and negative points in the Ashtakavarga. To avoid further confusion about the term, we will further use ‘Points’ as the point of references for Bindus and Rekha.

If the points in the House come in between 18-25 then the score is considered ‘Average’. The points above 25 ‘Dots’ are known to bring positive results and news for the native but in the event that the House has a debilitated or retrograde or malefic planet placed in that House then it will decrease the points of that House. The Higher the points, it will assure higher prosperity in the various elements associated with that House.

There are many applications for the Ashtakavarga in the Vedic Astrology. It gives several hints and clues about the various effects of the different Houses and planets on the life of the native which can be known via a thorough analysis of the various effects of Houses and keep an account of the positive and the negative points of each of them. It is also applied in the analysis of the longevity of a person which is completely dependent on complicated calculations and computations of the Ashtakavarga.

Ashtakavarga is considered as a highly advanced application in Vedic Astrology and hence, the extremely learned and experienced astrologer only can give a detailed analysis of it to the native correctly. One trivial mistake in the computation can lead to disastrous results in the prediction of the horoscope of a person.

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