Detailed Life Report

Know Your Life Insights

Comprehensive Analysis Of All 12 Houses Of Your Birth Chart

Reveal Accurate Predictions

Know Your Favourable & Unfavourable Combinations Of Your Chart

Effects of Major Periods

Learn The Impacts Of Affecting Mahadashas (From current age up to 75 Years) Based On Your Birth Chart

100% Handwritten

Absolutely Manual & Accurate, No Automation involved

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Your Hand-written report will contain…

Fine Interpretation Of Your Horoscope

This report will bring out a detailed analysis of your Ascendant, your strengths and weaknesses and ways in which you can utilise your strengths and set aside weaknesses to maximise your overall happiness.

Major Planetary Periods (Mahadashas) Ex..

The report will also cover all the Mahadashas (Major Planetary Periods) that will take place vis-a-vis your life. It will explain the impact that these Mahadashas will have on the different aspects of your life, beginning from your present time till the age of 75.

Complete And Exhaustive Coverage

The report will analyse all the 12 Houses of your birth chart. It will provide you with rich guidance and planning for each of these areas. The report will be constructed in such a manner that it gives you the maximum benefits.

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