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Art of forecasting business-cycles with the help of ancient Indian astrology

Pachauri Guruji

Financial Astrology

The most ancient and most wonderful of all sciences, the Astral science, has beyond doubt established the truth that there is a strong connecting link between human events and planetary configurations, and that the rise and falls of the commercial and stock markets may be traced to certain planetary positions and aspects and are periodic. Wars, revolutions, political changes, new treaties of commerce, bad or good harvests, etc., may occur to decrease or increase the activity of trade.

One can ascertain when a stock will increase in value or its price fall, month by month, or during a certain period, from the planetary configurations. But the degree of rise or fall, that is, the exact points by which it will rise or fall can not be definitely estimated, although the advantage of rise and fall in the two periods may be obtained.

Market trends are the result of many forces and do not depend solely on one kind of influence. Though the configurations of the major planets indicate the general tendency of the market and the confirmatory aspects of the minor planets regulate the fluctuations, yet all these alone do not always indicate the variations of values in the individual markets, such as, Bombay, Calcutta, London, New York, etc., correctly. There are other factors to be considered, such as planetary configurations, transits, etc., found in the horoscopes for the local Stock Exchanges and also in horoscopes of concerns in the country in question..


Just think before blaming Astrology

“The forecasts of the wisest economists or business men are, at best, mere guesses.”

– Thomas W. Lamont (of J.P.Morgan & Co.)

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